F2F Kick-off meeting in Hamburg

Yesterday we had the first F2F meeting with almost all partners from our project about: Genetic discovery-based targeting of the vascular interface in atherosclerosis.
This project is funded jointly by the DZHK and the BHF for 4 years.
One of our first tasks was to decide on an acronym because we realized that the project title is hard to remember.
After a very brief discussion we followed the suggestion from John to go for VIAgenomics (VIA stands for Vascular Interface in Atherosclerosis, our main target).

The agenda was split in discussions around our three aims of the project and we came up with a more shapened research agenda to follow within the next 4 years.
We are pretty sure that our project will help to understand CAD risk genes at the vascular interface and might identify novel treatment targets.

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